Road Construction Equipment

Road construction is a primary sign of development and progress of a region. It connects people with surrounding cities and opens new avenues for social and economic development.

Manav Infra Projects has been into development and construction of roads in Mumbai and many other areas across India since the very beginning. Our in-house team of expert engineer’s posses the expertise and knowledge to take on any type of road construction project – be it a highway, expressway, a road for small town or city, commercial road or a road inside a privately owned property. We also re-develop old roads and undertake maintenance contracts for government and private roads.

No road construction work can be done smoothly and efficiently without the use of suitable road construction equipment and machines and the right material. At Manav Infra Projects, we have all the advanced equipment and machinery required for road construction – like excavators, bulldozers, road rollers, cranes, forklifts, loaders, crawlers, compactors, backhoes and motor graders. Our years of experience in the industry gives us an edge over other road contractors and road construction companies.

The road construction process mainly consists of three phases – rough grading or earth moving, fine grading and surfacing. Compaction is also an important element of road and highway construction. We have introduced several new types of materials and techniques from all over the world to India. With these unique practices, we build roads that last for decades and centuries.

Are you looking to build, re-construct or maintain an existing road or highway? Get in touch with us to discuss your requirement in details.