Prestressed Rock Anchoring

Prestressed Rock Anchors

Prestressed rock anchoring is a technique used to restrict structural movement due to steel elongation, resist cyclic or dynamic loading caused due to wind or changing water tables. It’s most common applications are to lay foundations for towers, provide stability to slopes and dams, and tie back walls and tunnel bolting. The rock anchor installation process includes activities like drilling, grouting, re-drilling and consolidation grouting if required, percolation tests etc.

Rock anchors are pre-tensioned tendons that are secured to an underlying rock or a suitable firm structure or surface. A corrosion system is required depending on the type of anchor. A temporary ground anchor requires minimal protection against corrosion while a permanent anchor needs a fully fledged corrosion protection system. Permanent rock anchors generally have a very long life span.

Manav Infra Projects has years of experience in installing rock anchors and provides all types of prestressed rock anchoring services. We have all the necessary equipment and machinery required to carry out the most complex earth anchoring processes. Our fully trained and skilled engineers are always ready to take on new challenges.

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