Piling is a basic pre-requisite for any construction project – be it buildings, bridges, antenna towers and even small bungalows or villas. It builds the base or foundation of the project and provides the necessary support needed for the structure to be built. To start any type of construction work, piling must be done in a correct manner using the right material, equipment and techniques.

A variety of materials like steel, concrete, different chemicals etc. are used for piling depending on the type of structure that has to be built and the characteristics of the site, like soil and substrate. The material used for piling forms the underground support base for the entire structure and hence no compromise must be made while choosing the right piling material.

Using the appropriate piling equipment and machines will give you a great start with the piling process. Manav Infra Projects provides a complete range of piling machines and tools required to carry out any type of pile foundation work in Mumbai. We have small, middle and large sized piling rigs and all types of pile drivers like diesel and hydraulic hammers, vertical travel lead systems, hydraulic press-ins and vibrator pile drivers / extractors.

Using the right piling techniques and employing a skilled and experienced workforce is equally important and one can never take risks while selecting a company for carrying out pile foundation work. With Manav Infra Projects, you will benefit from our years of experience, top class engineering skills and unique piling techniques. Our engineers and technical support teams have handled numerous complex piling projects.

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