Excavation Contractor

Excavation is a very crucial task for any infrastructure or construction project. It is one of the most important processes done at the beginning of any construction work. Carrying out excavation work requires experience, skills and a close attention to details as excavation is an important foundation for the entire construction work project. The most important part of excavation is to understand the excavation site and identify risks and hazards resulting from the type of soil, fractures, presence of water, excavation in adjacent areas, adjoining structures like buildings, bridges etc.

Excavation for construction work is done by removing soil, rocks, and any other material on the site selected for construction using heavy earth moving equipment and machines like excavators, rock breakers, diamond rock cutters and saw cutters. It is done to create foundations for buildings, roads, reservoirs, dams, bridges, power plant projects, canals, tunnels, railway tracks, ports, mining sites etc. Excavation is also done to simply examine the quality of soil under the construction site and then it is backfilled. The depth to which excavation is done depends on the structure that would be built on the site being excavated. The excavation process includes activities like surveying the site ground, trenching, dredging, digging, rock cutting, blasting, plasma processes etc.

The rapid advances in excavation technology in recent years have brought in many new innovative ways to do excavation work. At Manav Infra Projects we use the latest excavation techniques and advanced tools, equipment and machinery to ensure work is done in the right manner. This enables us to carry out excavation work for and exact selected area in the minimum possible time and thus save your cost. We specialize in handling all types of excavation work and projects.

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